Choose House Plan Size

Planning to build a new house can be quite the daunting task. There are so many things you need to know during the planning stage. You need to find a house design that fits the design aesthetic you like. Also, you needs to have enough space for you and your family. For many families who are growing, a home that is in the middle, is probably the right choice. 2500 sq. ft. house plans can fit into this mold. These plans have enough space for families that are potentially growing and is not hard to manage the upkeep.


2354 sq/ft     3 Bed    2.5 Bath


2300 sq/ft     3 Bed     2 Bath


2278 sq/ft     3 Bed    2 Bath


2055 sq/ft     3 Bed    2 Bath


2091 sq/ft     3 Bed    2 Bath


2000 sq/ft     3 Bed    2 Bath


2890 sq/ft    4 Bed     3.5 Bath


2322 sq/ft     3 Bed     2.5 Bath


2415 sq/ft    3 Bed     2.5 Bath


2742 sq/ft    4 Bed    3.5 Bath


2757 sq/ft    4 Bed    3.5 Bath


  2163 sq/ft     3 Bed    2.5 Bath


2981 sq/ft    4 Bed    3.5 Bath


 2736 sq/ft     3 Bed     2.5 Bath

What Are 2500 sq. ft. House Plans

When planning to build a new house it is hard to guess how large the house you actually will need. This is especially true if you plan on growing your family someday. You need to know what you need now and guess what you will need in the future.

It can be hard for some to picture what size 2500 sq. ft. house plans are. In most cases, this can be a three or even four bedroom home, and can have up to three bathrooms. House plans under 3000 sq ft are usually large enough to fit a family of five – six people.

What are the benefits of this size house plans?

If you are thinking about this size of a house for your family, but you want to know if it will be the right choice for you, consider some of the benefits of these house plans below.

A great size for larger families

While 2500 sq. ft. house plans aren’t considered a mansion by any means, they are large enough for a wide range of family sizes and lifestyles. If you have multiple children, you should have plenty of space in this size of a home. Plus, if you have young children, you’ll still be able to find them a home of this size.

Re-Sell Value

2500 sq. ft. home plans can fit into a wide range of budgets, especially depending on the type of home that you choose and where it is built. This ensures that when it is time for you to sell the home, you will attract a large number of buyers. Also, homes that are in this range can be quite affordable, and if you have a decent down payment, you won’t have excessively large monthly payments. Utilities won’t be astronomical either, so you can still feel good about keeping these regular bills down.

Many people simply have to have a home that is at least this large because of the size of their family, so this amount of square feet is a great option that really won’t break the bank or leave you with a lot of extra space that you don’t use.