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Custom Home – Specifically Designed For You From Scratch

Have a vision of your dream custom home in mind? We’ll help you turn it into reality. Tell us what you’re aiming for and we’ll create a functional floor plan layout and suggest contemporary exterior and interior design ideas according to your needs. We’re all about getting the most out of every lot and making sure every room in your house is getting the best outside views and plenty of natural light. Signature Truoba designs focus on open-floor concept, functionality, comfort, purposeful relaxation spaces, attention to privacy needs and efficient use of every square foot that will really make you love the home you live in.

Describe Your Dream Home

Make sure to include main house features in your description: house plan and  exterior, living room and kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

    What People Say

    Truoba house in Texas

    “When we purchased a ranch property we were ready to move forward with a custom home based on years of research and idea collection. We had an clear idea of what we wanted and fully realize the value of working with an architect. Truoba had a style and design aesthetic that was similar and felt familiar to the type of designs that we preferred. We contacted Ignas by phone and email to initiate the process of creating a unique custom home design blending our research and design ideas with his design concepts. He was always prompt and thorough with responses to our comments and questions. The team at Truoba designed a home we are so thrilled with, meet all our needs and design criteria, all while providing us with options and variations to consider. The process was very collaborative and easy. We are excited to begin building soon. We would highly recommend the Truoba team and would definitely work with them again if the need would arise.”

    Amy T. – Texas, USA
    Custom home plan in california

    The short version of our story is we’re building a house and working with Truoba has been one of the highlights of the entire experience. That’s no exaggeration….. My wife and I recently decided to look at the possibility of buying a house on acreage. After looking around we found that for the most part a 5, 10 or 20 acre property comes with a house that’s simply too big for us. So instead of buying a house and remodeling a ton of square footage that we didn’t need, we decided to buy a 5-acre lot and build on it. Once you’ve made that decision you’ve also made a decision to make everything perfect and just the way you want it. That decision also presents the challenge of finding people to work with that will listen to what you want, will care about what you’re building and NOT just go through the motions. We definitely found that to be the case with Truoba. In them and in working with Ignas (and Truoba in general) were people that were courteous, accessible (very important to us) and extremely mindful of our needs (building a house comes with a LOT of questions, corrections and options). Never once did I find myself frustrated because I couldn’t get a call back or because an email wasn’t replied to promptly. If I asked or suggested something to Ignas that might not work he always gave thoughtful suggestions of what could work. He took all of our input and fashioned into what we ultimately came up with and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Even after the plans were delivered, the few revisions that were requested from the engineer were made and returned back to us the very next day. I’ll simply say this: I’ve remodeled houses before and have that experience to fall back on. During this construction process we’ve dealt with a lot of different people and vendors and to date the experience I’ve had with Truoba is by far one of the highlights. I couldn’t possibly express in this paragraph how highly I would recommend them.

    Gus M. – California, USA
    custom home floor plan

    “I looked on the internet using every house plan site that I could find and never really found what I was looking for. For me it was important that my house would take advantage of the wooded plot of land that I purchased. I inquired how much it would cost to make changes to a house plan I liked on one of these sites. Even with this, the house wasn’t exactly what I wanted. After looking at 100’s of houses, I kept coming back to Truoba designs. I saw that Truoba does custom design houses at a price like the one I would have paid for by tweaking a prior design. I contacted Truoba by email and I was surprised at how fast I got response. The architect walked me through the whole process. He quickly and efficiently incorporated the ideas of what I was looking for. Making changes were never an issue. He wanted to make sure my design was what I wanted. When I wasn’t sure about something, he used his expertise and made suggestions. I looked forward to opening my email to see how my house were shaping up. I found the process enjoyable and easy. This will be my dream home, so while I hope not to build another one, I would happily utilize Truoba again.”

    Maria – South Carolina, USA
    Custom home floor plan

    “My wife and I found Truoba while looking at plans online. We really liked the style of the Truoba plans but were in need of a custom plan due to a small, irregular shaped building envelope. For this reason, we contacted Truoba inquiring about a custom plan and immediately received a response back with an estimate of the approximate cost. We sent a sketch of the style home we wanted along with pictures of styles, colors materials and features we liked. Ignas responded with 3-4 elevations. We chose one of the elevations and then started to work on the floor plan.  We had to revise the plan several times due to the flood plain issues, and Ignas always responded quickly with the desired changes. The end result was an exceptional plan that really maximized living area in spite of the irregular building envelope. We highly recommend Truoba and are excited to see the built house.”   

    Nick and Laynie Gilida – Colorado, USA

    Custom Home Design Process

    At first, we would gather the required information from you so we know the direction of your project. Then we start schematic design which means producing different house concepts for you to choose from. Once you choose your preferred house ideas we will develop the house design in further detail. We will always send you the different options of floor plans and interior/exterior 3D images to choose from, so you are absolutely in control of your house design. You would comment on the house plans and 3D images and according to your comments, we would update the house design. This way we go back and forth until you approve the final house design. We don’t set a number of revisions, we design the house until you are absolutely sure this house is for you. Once you approve the final design, we move on to produce construction drawings which you will receive in PDF and CAD formats.

    custom home site analyses

    1. Understanding your site

    To make sure your lot is used in the best way possible, we’ll start by evaluating every little detail: from the sun path to the most beautiful outdoor views, to privacy needs and more. Just list your Custom Home wishes and requirements!

    custom home floor plan options

    2. Sketching your options

    Sunny farmhouse or contemporary cabin in the woods? If you have an architectural style in mind, let us know and we’ll offer you several floor plan options and conceptual house interior design ideas to choose from.


    3. Tweaking the details

    After you’ve made a choice, we’ll go into greater detail and refine the house floor plan with defined spatial arrangements. This will be the time to consider interior design and various exterior design options, such as cladding layouts, materials, roof type, and so on.

    final custom home desing

    4. Finalizing your dream home

    Once you are completely satisfied with the house plan layout, home interior and exterior design, we’ll move on to producing the final house plan drawings, which should take up to 1 week to complete.

    Final Construction Drawings Include

    Custom Home Design Pricing

    Custom home design prices are calculated for the heated house area only. Garage and porch areas are excluded from the fee calculation.

    Up to 1200 sq. ft.
    $3.25/sq. ft.
    Assist in project brief preparation
    Full house design
    Full House Plan drawing set?
    Outlined specifications
    Collaboration with your local structural engineer
    Sustainable house exterior
    House Design
    $2.75/sq. ft.
    Assist in project brief preparation
    Full house design
    Full House Plan drawings set?
    Outlined specifications
    Collaboration with your local structural engineer
    House plan design
    House Design + Interior
    $3/sq. ft.
    Conceptual internal images?
    Assist in project brief preparation
    Full house design
    Full House Plan drawing set?
    Outlined specifications
    Collaboration with your local structural engineer
    House Design + 3D Model
    $3.5/sq. ft.
    3D Model Walkthrough?
    Conceptual interior images?
    Assist in project brief preparation
    Full house design
    Full House Plan drawing set?
    Outlined specifications
    Collaboration with your local structural engineer

    Check 3D Model Example

    You only pay $1000 up front fee to start the project and the second payment of $1000 when the floor plan is preliminary finalized. The remaining amount you would need to pay once you approve the final house design. Here you can make the First Payment.

    House Construction Drawings Which You Will Receive

    PDF + CAD Drawing Set

    At the end of Custom Home design process you will receive a construction drawing set. Give these drawings to your builder and see your house getting built.

    House Construction Drawings