Mitchell Residence in Alabama – Truoba Class 115

“We have been in our home for 7 months and we love it. The open concept and large windows are our favorite features.. There is so much light!!! Also the oversized back porch (we live on our porch) We get so many questions and compliments on it. The way the house sits, unless you come inside or around back, you can’t see the massive window and we love the look on people’s faces once they do. We both love modern architecture but didn’t want it to feel like a museum where you can’t touch anything which is why we went with the cedar shiplap siding and the modern, industrial farmhouse decor. Truoba did a great job at customizing the design. We are so happy with our home!!” 

Brad – Alabama, USA

Hammond Residence – Truoba Class 119

I am grateful to Truoba for the creativity and excellence of the plan. We searched literally hundreds of plans. After living in it for a few months, we couldn’t be happier with the flow of the house and the way it works with our family of 5. There’s nothing like a skilled architect to nail the small details in a plan. I’m a builder, so we were able to modify the plans a bit to suit our needs.” 

David – Tennessee, USA

Silen Residence in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico – Truoba Mini 615

Palmer Residence in Washington – Truoba Class 115

Rydzynsk Residence in Maryland – Truoba Class 119

Erickson Residence in Montana – Truoba Class 119

Carruthers Residence in Twin Creeks, Canada – Truoba Mini 117

House in Colorado – Truoba Class 119

Love the layout of the kitchen and great room area. We have a view lot and the giant window wall in the living room is perfect. This is a very comfortable house and the layout is perfect for our lifestyle. The modern styling was what I was looking for and it turned out beautiful.” 

Tracy – Colorado, USA

Twin Houses in Tennessee – Truoba Class 119

“We love our home design. Completely different than any other homes in our area. Our guests are in awe of the beauty of the home in our setting. Love the floor plan – great room adjustment. It is easy to amend floor plan and we personalized it according to our own needs.” 

Steven and Jill – Tennessee, USA

House in Virginia – Truoba Class 115

“We LOVE our house, the floor plan, the design. EVERYTHING! We get so many compliments on the house.” 

Julie – Virginia, USA

Truoba Mini 217 in Utah

House in South Carolina – Truoba Class 115

“Our house plan is awesome! There are none like this nearby. Many people have stopped to ask about the house and admire it. We chose this house plan due to the modern clean lines and versatility of the floor plan. We were also looking to downsize, so the size was perfect.”  

Jodie – South Carolina, USA

Truoba Class 316 in Texas

Truoba Class 119 construction progress in South Carolina

House in Mississippi – Truoba Class 115

“We liked the way it looked. We liked the kitchen being opened to a living room space and we liked that it had an office. Also, liked that the roof sloped one way. This home is very different from anything in our area. Everyone mentions how unique it is.”

Maxwell – Mississippi, USA