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What People Say

Troba review from Steven

We love our house design. Completely different than any other homes in our area. Our guests are in awe of the beauty of the home in our setting. Love the house floor plan – great room adjustment. It is easy to amend this floor plan and we personalized it according to our own needs.

Steven and Jill / Tennessee, USA
Troba review from Jodie

Our house plan is awesome! There are none like this nearby. Many people have stopped to ask about the house design and admire it. We chose this house plan due to the modern clean lines and versatility of the floor plan. We were also looking to downsize, so the size was perfect.

Jodie / South Carolina, USA
Troba review from Tracy

Love the layout of the kitchen and great room area. We have a view lot and the giant window wall in the living room is perfect. This is a very comfortable home and the house layout is perfect for our lifestyle. The modern house styling was what I was looking for and it turned out beautiful.

Tracy / Colorado, USA
Troba review from Maxwell

We liked the way it looked and we liked the kitchen being opened to the living room space and we liked that it had a home office. Also, liked that the roof sloped one way. This house design is very different from anything in our area. Everyone mentions how unique it is.

Maxwell / Mississippi, USA
Troba review from Julia

We LOVE our house, the floor plan, the design. EVERYTHING! We get so many compliments on the house.

Julie / Virginia, USA
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Questions & Answers

Which construction drawings are included in House Plan Set?
  • Cover Sheet and General Specifications

  • Foundation Plan (Slab and Crawl)

  • Plumbing Plan

  • Floor Plan

  • Roof Construction Plan

  • Roof Plan

  • Sections

  • Elevations

  • Construction Details

  • Electrical Plan

  • HVAC Plan

  • Furniture Plan

  • Door and Window Schedule

Can you design a Custom Home from scratch?

If you can’t find the right modern house plans then you should get your own custom home design. We provide a custom home design service for those that want a distinctive house design. Our main focus for a new house is functionality, affordability and overall house aesthetics. Quick response time with suggested design development options ensures reliable house design development process. We always give more than one option to choose from, this could mean a half bath layout design or entire house façade design. We will guide you through the entire design process and the final house design is reached only when you are certain that the house is what you really wanted. Learn more about Custom Home.

Which House Plan customizations can I make?

Customization examples:

  • Requesting a reverse house plan

  • Redesigning kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc.

  • Change exterior design with different siding layout

  • Extending rooms and rearranging room layout

  • Adding or removing rooms

  • Changing foundation type

  • Custom house structure such as masonry, ICF, etc.

  • Adding additional garage space

  • Changing, adding or removing doors and windows

  • Changing roof pitch or roof type to gable, hip, shed

  • Adding a floor with new room layout design.

Is it possible to get interior and exterior 3D images during customization process?

Yes, during customization process you will receive 2D drawings indicating your requested changes. Additionally, 3D images can be produced to show house spatial arrangement.

How much does it cost to make changes to the House Plan?

Customization costs with examples are listed below. Once we receive your list of house plan changes, the customization cost will be calculated according to your specific request.



Cost $100 – $500


– Reverse house plan

– Minor layout redesign for kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

– Change exterior design with different siding layout, materials and colors.

– Extending 1-2 rooms and rearranging room layout.

– Adding or removing 1-2 rooms (depending on complexity and square footage).

– Custom house structure such as masonry, ICF, etc. or changing 2″x 6″ framing to 2″x 4″, 2″x 8″, etc.

– Adding garage space for additional car or changing garage entry location.

– Changing, adding or removing doors and windows.

– Changing roof pitch.


Cost $500 – $1000


– Redesigning kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. and rearranging room location in the floor plan.

– Change roof type to gable, hip, flat, lean-to roof, etc.

– House expansion with additional rooms (depending on complexity and additional square footage).

– Significant exterior changes with additional building massing design, different siding layout, materials and colors.


Cost $1000 +


– Redesigning over 50% of the floor plan.

– Adding significant square footage.

– Adding a floor with a new room layout design.