For many people, a guest house conjures up the home off of a large mansion or other property. It can sound like something that “regular people” would not have. But really, that is not the case at all. You can have an average or modest size home, and still, have a guest home behind or next to it. You do not need to be living in a large home to have a need for small backyard guest house plans.

One of the options to accommodate guests is to look for house plans with guest house. You would do this if you want to build both properties at one time. It can be a great way to ensure that the small guest house floor plans and the main house plans align from a design and style standpoint. Adding on a property built using small guest house plans gives you a great option or some of the top four uses for a guest home. Start researching these guests’ house plans, and you can get the ball rolling on your upgraded property.


  1170 sq/ft     2 Bed     2 Bath


  570 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath


1250 sq/ft     2 Bed    2 Bath


  650 sq/ft     2 Bed     1 Bath


  1162 sq/ft     2 Bed    2 Bath


  1410 sq/ft     3 Bed     2 Bath


880 sq/ft     2 Bed    1 Bath


910 sq/ft    2 Bed     1 Bath


1200 sq/ft     2 Bed    2 Bath


  784 sq/ft     2 Bed     1 Bath


972 sq/ft     2 Bed     1 Bath


795 sq/ft     2 Bed    1 Bath


  532 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath


1000 sq/ft     2 Bed     1 Bath


500 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath


858 sq/ft     2 Bed    1 Bath


  285 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath

Four Uses for Guest House Floor Plans

Why would you need a guest house? For some people having a guest, home is something that is not only beneficial but also necessary. Here are some of the top uses for 1 bedroom guest house plans, regardless of the size of your primary residence.

1. A place for relatives to reside for an extended period of time.

There are times throughout life when a family member will need to live with you. This is when the mother in law house plans come in handy. Your in-laws or any other relative can stay out in the shed guest house plans, so they are close by, but not too close by. They’ll have their own living quarters which will help them, while also it protects your own personal space. It’s a way for someone to live with you without living directly in your space.

2. A living area for help or employees.

If you have a nanny, 1 bedroom guest house floor plans will offer them a place to live that is still private. This enables them to be on their own. Often nannies might work for a lower rate if they are provided with living quarters, so adding on a guest apartment is a great choice in this instance.

Truoba Mini 117 house guest house plan

Truoba Mini 117 house plan

Truoba Mini 120 guest house plan

Truoba Mini 120 house plan

3. A place to rent out with a service like Airbnb.

These days, there are many great options for renting out properties you own online, so you can make a few bucks here and there without having to do much work. If you have a guest house, you can rent this out, and you never have to leave the area. This way, you’re able to keep an eye on your guest home plans, while also still making money from providing a safe and comfortable place for visitors to stay.

2200 Sq Ft House Plans
Truoba Mini 922 guest house plans
Truoba Mini 419 guest house plans

4. An extra space for anyone who already lives in the home that adds value.

If you are in need of added space, maybe a room for a teenager to stay in, or a place for noisy workout equipment, garage guest house plans might be a great option. Not only are you able to add on extra space, but you’re also adding in a lot of value to your home, thus making it possible to see the home and guest house for a higher cost than if you didn’t have an additional house on the property.

Guest house plans examples

Various cladding combinations with different façade materials can be applied to your guest house design according to your preference.

Standard Use of a Guest House Plans and Its Benefits

Guest houses can have an astonishing array of uses, from supplemental income as a rental property to use as a home office to, of course, a place for your guests to stay when they visit.

The primary use, obviously, of a guest house is that it can be used as a standard house or vacation home, which is great for when friends and relatives come over for an extended stay. Even for a short visit, they will usually be more conducive to the peace and comfort of all concerned than sleeping on the living room couch. Or, worse, a hide-away bed. As a host, something is disconcerting about waking up and having to tip-toe through your own house to avoid waking people up. As a guest, there is the discomfort of sleeping on a couch and the slight embarrassment that comes with waking up to find people looking at you.

Guests will definitely feel more comfortable with the privacy and separation a guest house provides them. The more ambitious guest homes are built on 2 bedroom guest house plans, but even the more modest 1 bedroom vacation house plans, usually have a kitchenette and, of course, their own bathrooms. This way, everyone is more comfortable, and no one feels put out. Especially the poor soul who would normally have to surrender their bed and bedroom to grandma and grandpa and be exiled to sleeping in the den or living room.

Truoba Mini 220 shed house elevation
Truoba Mini 220 guest house plans

Truoba Mini 220 house plan

Truoba Mini 615 affordable house plans rear elevation
Truoba Mini 615 guest house plan

Truoba Mini 615 house plan

Other Uses for a Vacation House

A guest house can also be used as a source of extra income, perhaps to help pay off the mortgage. You can turn it into a money-maker by renting it out. One way to do this would be to use it as a bed and breakfast sort of facility. The guests have their separate quarters and facilities and would mostly look to you for toiletries, meals, and, perhaps, tourist information. Since your house and the backyard guest house have no common entrance, there would be none of the middle-of-the-night awakenings that are one of the worst things about operating a B&B.

Guest apartments, including those with two bedroom pool guest house plans, are a great idea if you will have an in-law or other relative living with you longer term. You can have the pleasures of being with family with the advantages of only being near family. If your elderly family needs help, you are just a few feet away. So, everyone is more safe and secure.

Using a home built with a guest house plan is also an advantage for those who have a home business or a hobby that needs a great deal of space. You can take your business calls without disturbing the folks in the main house. You can also peaceably do your work or your craft or hobby without outside noise and interference.

Since the 2008 market crash and subsequent financial failure, increasingly more people have had to move back home with their parents or other family. A guest house building plans are ideal solution to build a smaller home and get extra income for your family.