590 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath


  550 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath


500 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath

Top Reasons to Choose 1 Bedroom Houses

If you are facing retirement, or you are a homeowner who is just starting out, you are probably looking at a lot of different options for your home. For many it can be challenging to determine whether or not they want one- or two-bedrooms in their home. So, how can you decide which option is the best for you? Take a look at the benefits of 1 bedroom house plans, and reasons for you to choose one.

Budget-Friendly – One of the biggest draws of one bedroom house plans is that they are much more affordable. This is because they are typically smaller and usually have fewer bathrooms. The less square footage that is needed, the less the home will cost. You can save a lot of money on your mortgage, which you can then either put into your retirement. If you are starting out, you can put it into your savings so, latter you can purchase a larger home

Also, one bedroom house plans will cost less to heat and cool, and will require less electricity. The smaller the home, the less the everyday costs will be. This is definitely something to think about for those who are on a tight budget. Plus, if you select small house plans, you will need less furniture and appliances in the house.

Less Maintenance – 1 bedroom house plans have a small square footage which means the house maintenance will be a lot more manageable. Keeping a smaller home clean is much easier, so you can manage it on your own if you live alone.

No Excess Space that is Wasted – When you build small one story retirement house plans, you are getting just enough house for what you need. There won’t be a lot of excess space, so you don’t need to spending money on unused home areas. One room house plans ensure that you are getting the amount of house that you will use, whether you are a single person or living with your spouse.

Safer for Pets and Grandchildren – One-story one-bedroom homes are safer for children than a home with multiple stories. This is because stairs can be dangerous for young children and babies, as well as smaller pets. If they fall, they can seriously injure themselves. In a smaller home without stairs, you will not have to worry about this. You also won’t have to worry about getting up and down the stairs which becomes problematic as you get older.

If you are considering retiring in a smaller home, or you have a small family and don’t want a lot of extra space, consider 1 bedroom house plans for your new home build. You can still get all the creature comforts you want, without having a ton of extra space you do not need.

Sustainable house exterior

Sustainability starts with efficient house design

All of our homes are designed with Passive House principles in mind and are just as efficient as they are beautiful.

Questions & Answers

Which construction drawings are included in House Plan Set?
Cover Sheet and General Specifications
Foundation Plan

Slab | Crawl | On request - Basement, Pier & Beam, etc.
House foundation design showing foundation layout with structural elements.

Plumbing Plan

Shows the layout of plumbing fixtures with specifications.

Floor Plan

Indicates house layout with dimensioned walls, doors, windows, etc.

Roof Construction Plan

Shows roof layout and structural specifications.

Roof Plan

Dimensioned roof layout indicating slopes, roof areas and decorative elements.


Cut through the building showing detailed floor, wall, and roof construction elements with specifications


Shows all sides of the house facade indicating building elements, specifications and all decorative elements.

Construction Details

Detailed house cut-away with outline specifications.

Electrical Plan

Home plan layout indicating locations of electrical elements.


Indicates location and specifications for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Furniture Plan

House plan layout indicating room sizes and suggested furniture layout.

Door and Window Schedule

List or all doors and windows with indicated specifications for manufacturer.

How much does it cost to make changes to the house plan?
Customization costs with examples are listed below. Once we receive your list of house plan changes, the customization cost will be calculated according to your specific request.


Cost $100 - $500


- Reverse house plan
- Minor layout redesign for kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
- Change exterior design with different siding layout, materials and colors.
- Extending 1-2 rooms and rearranging room layout.
- Adding or removing 1-2 rooms (depending on complexity and square footage).
- Custom house structure such as masonry, ICF, etc. or changing 2"x 6" framing to 2"x 4", 2"x 8", etc.
- Adding garage space for additional car or changing garage entry location.
- Changing, adding or removing doors and windows.
- Changing roof pitch.


Cost $500 - $1000


- Redesigning kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. and rearranging room location in the floor plan.
- Change roof type to gable, hip, flat, lean-to roof, etc.
- House expansion with additional rooms (depending on complexity and additional square footage).
- Significant exterior changes with additional building massing design, different siding layout, materials and colors.


Cost $1000 +


- Redesigning over 50% of the floor plan.
- Adding significant square footage.
- Adding a floor with new room layout design.
Which customizations can I make?
All houses are designed to be flexible and adaptable to different living needs. Some customization examples are listed below:
- Requesting a reverse house plan
- Redesigning kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage etc.
- Change exterior design with different siding layout, materials and colors.
- Extending rooms and rearranging room layout.
- Adding or removing rooms.
- Changing foundation type to the basement.
- Custom house structure such as masonry, ICF, etc. or changing 2"x 6" framing to 2"x 4", 2"x 8", etc.
- Adding garage space for additional car or changing garage entry location.
- Changing, adding or removing doors and windows.
- Changing roof pitch or change roof type to gable, hip, flat, lean-to roof, etc.
- Adding a floor with new room layout design.
Is there a charge for customization quote?
Customization price estimate is free. Fill customization form describing your required house plan changes and we will send you customization cost estimate within 24 hours.
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Is it possible to get interior and exterior 3D images during customization process?
Yes, during customization process you will receive 2D drawings indicating your requested changes. Additionally, 3D images can be produced to show a spatial arrangement.
Does these plans comply with my local building codes?
All house plans are designed in accordance to the International Residential Code. Each country and state has its own building codes and regulations. In most cases, local codes don't alter house design. You would need to consult with local engineer or architect to make sure it complies with your local regulations.
Can you design a custom house from scratch?
We provide Custom Home design service for those that want a distinctive house design. Our main focus for a new house is functionality, affordability and overall house aesthetics. Our quick response time with suggested design development options ensures reliable house design development process. We always give more than one option to choose from, this could mean a half bath layout design or entire house façade design. We will guide you through the entire design process and the final house design is reached only when you are certain that the house is what you really wanted. Learn more at Custom Home page.
How can I check if the floor plan fits my property?
We offer to create a site plan with your chosen floor plan - for free. Send us your site topography photo and we will send you a floor plan drawing placed on your property. This will give you a better understanding of the house behavior within your lot. Key site assessment factors are - site entrance location, sun path, best lot views, privacy from the road and neighbors, house relationship with surrounded buildings and site vegetation, etc.
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House is designed with timber stud wall structure. Can I use different wall structure?
Originally all house plans are designed with 6" exterior stud walls and 4" interior stud walls. All plans can be customized to use different walls structure such as Masonry, Log, Insulated Concrete Form (ICF), Structural Insulated Panel (SIP), etc.
What payment options are accepted by Truoba?
You can pay for the house plan or custom home design with Credit Card and Debit Card or make a Bank Transfer payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, etc. In order to make a Bank Transfer payment, please contact us at [email protected] and we will send you online invoice.