Truoba Class 119

2340 sq/ft     3 Bed     2.5 Bath

House plan design
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House Construction Drawings


Truoba Class 119

2340 sq/ft     3 Bed     2.5 Bath

House plan design
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House Construction Drawings


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Truoba 3 bedroom house plan

Floor Plan

2340 sq/ft

House Area

748 sq/ft

Garage Area

83′-7″ X 67′

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  • Open floor plan
  • Living area linked to the porch
  • Fireplace
  • Master Bedroom separate from other bedrooms
  • Walk-in closet
  • Main floor master bedroom
  • Home office
  • Walk-in pantry
  • Storage space
  • Covered front porch
  • Covered rear porch
  • Sundeck


House area: 2340 sq. ft.

Garage area: 748sq. ft.



Width: 83′-7″

Depth: 67′

Height: 18′


Exterior Wall

Framing: 2″x6″ stud wall

Wall finish: Stucco and wood siding

Possible different wall finishes: Vinyl, brick veneer, stone, fiber cement, etc.

Insulation: 6″ (applicable for additional insulation)



Type: Slab and crawl. Additionally, choose basement foundation

Insulation: 8″-10″ (applicable for additional insulation)



Roof pitch: 1/12 (5o)

Framing: Rafters

Insulation: 12″ (applicable for additional insulation)

Snow load: calculated for 10 PSF, 25 PSF and 35 PSF


House Interior

Ceiling height: 9′-6″

Main living area ceiling height: 14′-16′-8″

For Living and Lounging

Sunlit Spaciousness

The focus of house plans like these is to create an aesthetically well-designed modern house which, at the same time, would be sustainable and energy-efficient with additional exterior wall insulation. The modern cabin style character is expressed through the seamless connection of interior and exterior spaces. The outside views flow in through the open floor plan and high ceiling helps fill each space with natural daylight. A spacious living room ties the whole house together, with the main fireplace serving as a sculptural focal point.

Peace and Privacy

The master suite is located separately from the rest of the bedrooms and entertaining spaces. It has its own walk-in closet, bathroom, and a private master porch. A spacious garage with an additional storage room is located at the end of the main house. This end is slightly twisted from the main house, opening up the front yard and shielding the master bedroom area from the street.

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Dono D.
Arizona, USA

We made a number of changes and they were great to work with!

David H.
Tennessee, USA

We recently built a customized version of this home outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee (see gallery - Hammond home). I am grateful to Truoba for the creativity and excellence of the plan. We searched literally hundreds of plans. After living in it for a few months, we couldn't be happier with the flow of the house and the way it works with our family of 5. There's nothing like a skilled architect to nail the small details in a plan. I'm a builder, so we were able to modify the plans a bit to suit our needs. A few things to note: - We extended the back porch so it wraps around the house; we're on the porch all the time - We extended the garage and added an auxiliary door on the back side - We added a full basement under the footprint; we plan to add 2 bedrooms and a home theater room - We added a TV room adjacent to the office (called an 'away room') - We were able to orient the house so the back faces SW, giving us plenty of views and passive solar in the winter Some things we had challenges with: - You must have a skilled framer. The coolest feature of the house is the way the ceiling slopes constantly toward the back, but this also means that no one board is the same inside the house. If your framer isn't experienced and good with geometry, it won't work. Expect the framing to take longer than a normal square house. - The huge window assembly is perhaps the most striking feature, we love it. But not many residential suppliers have experience with these assemblies. We had trouble getting Anderson to deliver the window and in the end, we had to use our own machinery to install it. Overall, a great plan if it suits your style.

Tracy R.
Colorado, USA

Love the layout of the kitchen and great room area. We have a view lot and the giant window wall in the living room is perfect. This is a very comfortable home and the house layout is perfect for our lifestyle. The modern house styling was what I was looking for and it turned out beautiful.

What You Get

The List of House Construction Drawings

Site Plan (+$100)
Construction Notes
Foundation Plan

Slab and Crawl | On request - Basement, Pier & Beam.
House foundation design showing foundation layout with structural elements.

Plumbing Plan

Shows the layout of plumbing fixtures with specifications.

Floor Plan

Indicates house layout with dimensioned walls, doors, windows, etc.

Roof Construction Plan

Shows roof layout and structural specifications.

Roof Plan

Dimensioned roof layout indicating slopes, roof areas and decorative elements.


Cut through the building showing detailed floor, wall, and roof construction elements with specifications


Shows all sides of the house facade indicating building elements, specifications and all decorative elements.

Construction Details

Detailed house cut-away with outline specifications.

Electrical Plan

Home plan layout indicating locations of electrical elements.


Indicates location and specifications for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Furniture Plan

House plan layout indicating room sizes and suggested furniture layout.

Door and Window Schedule

List or all doors and windows with indicated specifications for manufacturer.

General Specifications

Plumbing, electrical and mechanical specifications

More Info

The construction drawing set must be approved by a local structural engineer, as of the different structural requirements in each county. Each location has different soil condition as well as snow, wind, etc. load requirements. Most of the county's building departments require to get a local structural engineer’s approval on house structure to obtain a building permit. After the engineer’s review, if there is a need to update construction drawing set, we would update the drawings with engineer's specifications for Free and will issue an updated drawing set. 

House plan design

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