Customized House Plans Examples

Truoba 218 House Plan in Georgia

House Area: 2010 sq. ft. Basement Area: 1927 sq. ft. Garage Area: 1109 sq. ft.

Client’s Initial Customization Request

  • Reverse the plan.
  • Add a daylight basement with 3 additional bedrooms 2 baths and a rec room.
  • Change the garage to a side entrance and 3 cars.
  • Add boat garage with boat ramp to the lake.
  • Add an additional bedroom suite in front of the existing bedroom.
  • Shrink the mudroom to accommodate passage to the new bedroom.
  • Extend the depth of the kitchen, laundry and foyer to make the plan larger and deeper.
  • Show the stairs off the deck going down toward the lake. 
  • Remove the bathtub from the master and separate the sinks to either side of the wall.  
  • Incorporate accordion doors in the dining and family room off to the deck.
  • Extend the deck and create an outdoor space for a built in 36″ grill on the kitchen/family room side. 

Truoba 321 House Plan in Michigan

House Area: 1213 sq. ft. 

Client’s Initial Customization Request

  • Change the roof.
  • Change the window/exterior door design in many locations to allow for opening awning windows.
  • Change the swing of the front door.
  • Accommodate 3 tall transom windows in the kitchen.
  • Delete the foyer closet.
  • Cut down the 2nd bedroom closet to create a niche for a dresser. 
  • Add a pantry by reducing the 2nd bathroom size (a single sink is fine).
  • Change the master bath to a shower only, with seat (no tub).
  • Add a barn door system to the office.
  • Add a floor access in the utility room for access to a crawl space foundation. 
  • Delete the wood burning stove and add a 2-way indoor/outdoor fireplace.
  • Delete the open air deck at the back
  • Use a James Hardie siding product
  • HVAC to be installed in the crawl space 

Truoba 218 House Plan in Idaho

House Area: 1837 sq. ft. Garage Area: 592 sq. ft.

Client’s Initial Customization Request

  • Reverse the floor plan.
  • Turn the back porch connected to the kitchen into more living room/kitchen or crafts area. Follow the kitchen ceiling lines.
  • Extend the master and guest room another 3 feet into porch area.
  • Have a built in closet in guess room.
  • Change closet in bedroom to small walk-in.
  • Design the master bathroom and closet area to have space for a 4′ x 7′ infrared sauna.
  • Over the porches we would like soffit instead of exposed trusses.
  • Take away the wall between the Breakfast nook and living room and add a post for structure. Add door to back deck single full light.
  • Pocket door for utility washer dryer room.
  • Shrink master bedroom closet entrance and do one barn door instead of two.
  • Crawl space for foundation
  • One garage door
  • Make living room windows higher of the ground.

Truoba 321 House Plan in Pennsylvania

House Area: 1639 sq. ft. Basement Area: 1318 sq. ft.

Client’s Initial Customization Request

  • Flip the house horizontally so porch faces right side
  • Extend great room to accommodate for a kitchen island and dining table (we can get rid of the master bedroom patio and doors, smaller patio is better for our budget anyways)
  • Remove stove and chimney (we will get a propane built in and put the TV over the fireplace) 
  • Create stairs instead of a ladder to loft (easier for pets to climb and us to walk up every day)
  • Add unfinished basement with a bathroom hookup
  • We can take the sink out of the mudroom and overall shrink the mudroom to perhaps put basement stairs (all we need is space for a washer and dryer, even if it’s just a closet)
  • Increase master suite by removing office space, add a walk in closet and bathroom
  • Play with siding options for home, more vinyl or a mix between some wood accents and black vinyl (trying to keep cost down)

Truoba 218 House Plan in Texas

House Area: 1820 sq. ft. Garage Area: 575 sq. ft.

Client’s Initial Customization Request

  • Plan to be maximum of 52′ wide to fit the lot.
  • The following areas to receive more square footage: kitchen, with expanded pantry, living room, master suite (expanded bedroom, expanded bathroom for standing tub and toilet enclosure, expanded closet)

  • An electric linear fireplace in the Living/Great Room
  • Rearrange kitchen layout
  • Exterior to have combination of stucco, stone and Hardie board. The vast majority should be stucco to drive the cost down.