1230 sq/ft       2 Bed       2 Bath


2320 sq/ft       3 Bed       2 Bath


2116 sq/ft       3 Bed       2.5 Bath


  2736 sq/ft       3 Bed       2.5 Bath


  2754 sq/ft       3 Bed       2.5 Bath


  500 sq/ft       1 Bed       1 Bath


  1000 sq/ft       2 Bed       1 Bath


  780 sq/ft       2 Bed       1 Bath


  935 sq/ft      2 Bed       1 Bath


  1200 sq/ft       2 Bed       2 Bath

House construction drawings

What's included in House Plan Set drawings?

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Cover Sheet and Construction Notes

Foundation Plan

Slab | Crawl | On request - Basement, Pier & Beam, etc.

General foundation design showing foundation layout with structural elements. There are three types of foundation to choose from: slab, crawl, and basement.

As in all building locations ground condition varies, your local structural engineer would need to approve foundation design and specify foundation structural elements.

Plumbing Plan

Shows the layout of plumbing fixtures with specifications.

Floor Plan

Indicates house layout with dimensioned walls, doors and windows.

Roof Construction Plan

Shows the layout and dimensions of the required roof structure such as rafters and beams. As show load requirement is different in each location your local structural engineer would need to approve and specify roof structural elements.

Roof Plan

Dimensioned roof layout indicating slopes, roof areas, chimneys, and decorative elements.


Cut through the building showing detailed floor, wall, and roof construction elements. Indicating room ceiling heights and structural element heights.


Shows all sides of the house indicating building elements with its heights, specified materials, and all decorative elements.

Construction Details

Detailed house cut-away with outline specifications.

Electrical Plan

Floor plan layout indicating locations of electrical elements such as lightning, switches, outlets, etc.


Indicates location and specifications for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Furniture Plan

Representative floor plan layout indicating room sizes and suggested furniture layout. Useful during the interior design stage.

Door and Window Schedule

List or all windows and doors with indicated specifications for manufacturer.

General Specifications

Plumbing, electrical and mechanical specifications