For many people, one of their greatest dreams is to live on the waterfront. Relaxing on your porch and watching the sun sets is an idyllic scene that you might have been dreaming of. Maybe you like fishing, or you love to take your boat out and cruise, and living on a lake is the perfect option for you. If you are one of those people who love waterfront lifestyle, it’s time to start looking for lake house plans. Here you might find a home design that would be a great choice for your waterfront lifestyle.


2300 sq/ft     3 Bed     2 Bath


910 sq/ft    2 Bed     1 Bath


880 sq/ft     2 Bed    1 Bath


2354 sq/ft     3 Bed    2.5 Bath


  570 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath


  532 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath


2890 sq/ft    4 Bed     3.5 Bath


  1170 sq/ft     2 Bed     2 Bath


2415 sq/ft    3 Bed     2.5 Bath


1000 sq/ft     2 Bed     1 Bath


858 sq/ft     2 Bed    1 Bath


500 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath

What to Look for in Lake House Plans

When you’re planning the lake house to live in travel to for vacations, you want to get everything just right. You’ll need to think about exactly what you want in lake house plans. Some things to think about include:

  • Where you are building the home, with special consideration for the lot size. Your first step in choosing the right house plans is to find the lot that you want to build on. Your lot size will determine whether or not you need small lake house plans, or if you need lake house plans for narrow lots. You’ll want to look closely at your lot’s landscape features. Also, determine how far away from the shore of the lake your home will need to be.

  • Do you want a basement? Many lake house floor plans are built into a hill overlooking a body of water. This means that many will have the option for lake house plans with a walkout basement. This will offer a feature of a basement with a door that exits to the outside. If this is not an option, do you still want a basement? Basements add extra space, but when you are next to the water, they can flood. You’ll need to discuss this option carefully with your builder.

  • What type of home style do you like? Do you prefer a modern style home, or do you like farmhouses, or country homes? Even if this will not be your forever home, you still want to ensure that it is a property that you love and want to spend lots of time at. Look for modern lake house plans, or find waterfront house design that fit the design aesthetic you prefer.

  • Will this be your main home or a vacation home? Another thing you’ll want to consider when looking for home plans is whether or not you will be living in the home permanently. If this is the home you will reside in all day, every single day, there are probably features that you won’t want to compromise on. Consider this as you are looking at various plans and layouts.

  • Will you need a dock or stairs? Some lake homes are built up higher on a bluff or a hill, and will also require a way to get down to the lake. That could be wooden stairs, or it could just be a dirt trail. You also should think about whether you would like a boat dock, or if this is even something you will be able to add on safely.

Whether for retirement or for your everyday home, elevate your everyday life by building a home on the water you’ll love for years with lakefront house plans that meet your wants and needs.