A good floor plan makes the best use of whatever space you have – big or small. All our 1 bedroom apartment floor plans make sure of this.

Two of the cheapest floor plans you can go for are studio or 1 bedroom apartment which is why this article will guide you on which you should choose that will be best for you.

Many folks confuse a studio apartment to mean the same thing as a modern one bedroom apartment. However, we can assure you that these two aren’t the same thing. Hence, in this article, we will look at the differences between these two. Furthermore, we will look at some factors that you need to consider to select the right floor plan.


  1170 sq/ft     2 Bed     2 Bath


2354 sq/ft     3 Bed    2.5 Bath


2300 sq/ft     3 Bed     2 Bath


  570 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath


  650 sq/ft     2 Bed     1 Bath


  1162 sq/ft     2 Bed    2 Bath


  1410 sq/ft     3 Bed     2 Bath


880 sq/ft     2 Bed    1 Bath


910 sq/ft    2 Bed     1 Bath


1628 sq/ft     3 Bed    2 Bath


  532 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath


1000 sq/ft     2 Bed     1 Bath


500 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath


858 sq/ft     2 Bed    1 Bath


  285 sq/ft     1 Bed     1 Bath

Choosing Studio or 1 Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans

To begin, let’s take a look at what a studio apartment is…

Studio Apartment

This type of living space has one large space that contains all the living areas which include the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. In some cases, the kitchens might be separate while some are designed with an “L-shape” that allows you to create a bedroom area.

Will this be good for you? Well, studios are generally great for folks living alone and are not bothered by open spaces. Also, one of the features that make for a great studio apartment is the seeming absence of furniture. Therefore, if you aren’t keen on getting furniture, this could just be for you.

However, you need to put into consideration that you might not have sufficient storage space. Therefore, if you need enough storage, go for a floor plan that has closets, wardrobes, or garment racks. Visit https://homecarezen.com/wardrobe-vs-closet/ to find out the difference between a wardrobe and a closet.

Couples are not advised to go for studios. Also, if you usually have guests and would still love to maintain privacy, then this isn’t the best for you.

One Bedroom Apartment Layout

This living space has both a separate bedroom as well a separate bathroom. In some cases, the kitchen is detached from the sitting (living) room. On the other hand, some adopt the open floor plan; hence, the sitting room is open to the kitchen.

Since the bedroom is separated, you get to enjoy your privacy especially for couples or folks with guests. Also, if you work remotely, not having to stare at your bed while you work will help you maintain some level of focus and commitment to the task at hand instead of lazing on the bed.

As you might expect, the rent for this unit is higher and due to the additional space, you will need more furniture. Hence, if you are looking for your first apartment, this might not work out well for you.

Studio vs. One Bedroom Apartment Design: What’s the Difference?

The standout difference between these two apartments as you might have discovered from the above is that a studio does not have a separated bedroom, unlike a 1-bedroom apartment. In a studio, only the bathroom is separated while other living areas are contained in 1 room.

Studio or Small 1 Bedroom Apartment Design Plans: Factors that Should Determine your Choice

There are many factors that influence your final decision. Hence, we will look at some of these factors briefly:

1. Location

The location where you currently live or where you intend to live will affect what kind of apartment you eventually settle for. In some areas, you will rarely find studios while in some one-bedrooms are rare. In such a case, you might be tempted to choose based on the majority of what is common in the area.

The location also affects cost; therefore, in an area where you would have naturally gone for a one-bedroom, you might end up choosing a studio since it is cheaper. However, if the cost of a house in that area is affordable, your decision will not be determined by the price.

2. Specific Features

There are different specific features found in apartments that can sway your decision. For example, an upgraded bathroom could be a big deal for some folks. Others might look favorably at the kitchen amenities. In some cases, a wonderful balcony with an amazing view might just be the Achilles heel for others.

Hence, many have this bias in their hearts even before they see the floor plans. Therefore, their minds are made up when they see a plan with their desired feature. To them, other features that other plans have to offer don’t matter.

So, if you are such a person, when you find the feature of your liking you might end up going for a studio even though you might prefer a one-bedroom. Therefore, in such a case, we ask that you act more rationally rather than emotionally and consider all the small details before deciding hastily.

3. Size of the Studio or Simple 1 Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans

Size indeed matters when making your choice. Usually, studios are smaller compared to a modern one bedroom apartment, hence, the latter provides more storage and traffic freedom. Therefore, you need to put this into consideration as you decide.

Will you be okay with a compact storage space if you choose a studio? Or does your lifestyle require a larger space?

One way to overcome the disadvantage of a small space that comes with living in a studio is to get a loft. Lofts are converted from buildings that once were factories or warehouses. As a result, they are much larger than your average studio apartment and sometimes larger than some one-bedrooms. So, you get to enjoy more space but at a price; and we mean that literally.

4. Price

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. As we just said, lofts are pricier majorly because they are larger. Therefore, the rule of thumb for apartments is that the bigger the size of the apartment, the more expensive it will be.

So, if your budget is not so perky, sticking to a studio will be the best option for you since they are cheaper. If you choose a one-bedroom, apart from paying for the actual apartment itself, you will also have to pay more for utilities. Since the space is larger, you have to illuminate, heat, or cool the residential unit accordingly.

Truoba Mini 117 tiny house plans
1 bedroom house plan

Truoba Mini 117 house plan

Truoba Mini 221 pool house plan
Truoba pool house plans

Truoba Mini 221 house plan

The price of a one bedroom apartment is further jacked up thanks to the furniture you will have to fit into the space. While you might choose to go for a minimalistic look, the truth is that it doesn’t look good in this kind of living unit.

5. Privacy

If you choose a studio, then you can kiss your privacy goodbye especially if you aren’t living alone or will frequently entertain guests. Since the apartment is practically one large room, anyone who comes in can have access to your things.

But if you aren’t going to live with anyone and you won’t be having guests, then studios should work just fine for you.

On the other hand, one-bedrooms provide the privacy you might need even as a couple. You can live together and still enjoy alone time when you choose to.

6. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle will also influence your apartment choice. Are you social and have lots of friends that come over frequently? If the answer is yes, then it might be best you go for a one-bedroom rather than a studio.

This is irrespective of whether or not you are cool with folks sitting on your bed or being in your personal space. Instead, it is more about being able to host your guests comfortably in a more dignified manner.


We hope that the article above has been able to provide you with a clear idea of which type of apartment will be best for you.