2736 sq/ft     3 Bed     2.5 Bath

About Truoba House Plans

Our wide variety of home plans are designed to fit various lot sizes, ensuring you can find the right home design to meet your personal taste. From small house plans to modern home plans and everything in between, we have a wealth of choices to offer. If you’re planning to build a summer home, our lake house plans are a great choice to ensure you get the rustic feel you want. If you prefer homes without stairs, our one story house plans deliver plush comfort all on one level, while our two story homes offer additional space on your lot.

Each house design, whether you choose simple house plans, guest house plans, mid-century modern house plans or anything in between, is designed by residential architects with extensive knowledge and skills. We understand what aesthetics will look best, and we want everyone to live comfortably in a space that suits their needs and personal tastes. When you purchase our house plans online, you’re getting efficiently designed plans that stand the test of time.

All home plans are fully customizable, ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for. You can easily change the floor plan layout, extend spaces, add or remove rooms altogether, add an additional story, change the roof type, add a basement, and more. You can also change the façade of the house to a different style, as well as change the materials and colors to create the exterior of your dreams. This is your home, so make it exactly as you want!

If you can’t find the plan that fits your particular needs and style, learn more about our Custom Home Plans here.